What is a Quality Backlink?

When you find out that backlinks are a major factor in your Google ranking, you might jump to spam your links all over blog comments and various untrustworthy sites. While this seems like the easiest and fastest solution, it’s also a very dangerous tactic that can actually harm your search engine rankings.The keyword when it comes to backlinks: QUALITY. Before you even think about your backlink strategy, it’s important to understand Google’s mission.“Our company mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. That's why Search makes it easy to discover a broad range of information from a wide variety of sources.”If your backlink strategy is positioned to go against this mission, your efforts will land you penalized.Here are a few things to consider when creating a backlink strategy:Website Organization: Is your website organized? You might think that this isn’t relevant to the topic, but in reality, [...]

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7 Important Tips for Optimizing Images

There is so much more to an image on a website than a pretty picture. The image should grab attention, please your viewers as well as inform them what your content is about. That sounds like a lot, right? It gets better… your image should be optimized BEHIND THE SCENES. Optimizing images is a necessity for both your customers AND search engines. The majority of content creators use images from stock photography sites. There is nothing wrong with that – it actually simplifies the process. You select an image, download it, and upload it to your site. Looks great! Unfortunately, you’re not optimizing the image and you might be creating more harm than good. Let’s fix that. 1. Select the Correct Format There are two types of format that we recommend when adding images to your website. They are the most common and the most effective: PNG and JPEG. [...]

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SEO Content – How Valuable is it?

The higher that your SEO ranking is, the more clicks and traffic you will drive to your website. The question is, how can you raise your position? Follow these simple SEO content suggestions to improve your overall position and rise above your competitors. Relevancy The number 1 factor that Google or any Search Engine looks at is quality. Your content is key, so it should be enriched with keywords and phrases that are relevant to your topic. That brings us to our next topic: Keywords Take the time to visit each page on your site and identify keywords and phrases.  The best strategy for this is to imagine that you are a potential customer. What keyword and phrases would you use to search for your company, product, or service? Keyword Placement Your keywords and phrases are not just written into your content, they hold special value in other areas [...]

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The Art of the Meta Description

What is a meta description? The meta description is small snippet of HTML code that provides the summary of a web page. Search engines display the meta description in search results, helping websites gain more visibility and clicks. How long should a Meta Description be? For this article, we will use Google as a reference, as it is the most common search engine. Google generally truncates snippets to ~155–160 characters. It’s best to try and keep your Meta Description around that length, filling it with as many keywords and phrases as possible. When creating a Meta Description, your main goal should be to provide value and attract clicks. How should the Meta Description be formatted? Meta descriptions are essentially the perfect way to advertise your content. They should be thoughtfully crafted to provide information and encourage searchers to click and learn more about your product or service. Think about what a [...]

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FAU Internship & Job Fair

Daruma attended the FAU Internship & Part-Time Job Fair last week at Florida Atlantic University! Two members of our team represented Daruma and the many opportunities that are available. While both part time and paid internships are available, we are offering multiple positions in our team. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Daruma actively assists clients in their efforts to grow networks and tailors to the industry in which they thrive in. While we are a Microsoft Partner, we are also partnered with other technologies such as iOS Developer, Sharepoint, Orchard, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Currently Hiring! We are seeking a skilled Marketing Copywriter. Job details include supporting the clients in which we assist throughout the South Florida area. Certain tasks include marketing communications, providing information for social channels, optimizing marketing content and managing copy flow. Daruma is in need of a Client Services Account Manager that acts as a [...]

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New Open Source eCommerce Package

nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce software that contains both a catalog front-end and an administration tool back-end. This software application can be customized to suite your business model. It's stability and user friendliness makes it a first choice for companies in the market for a shopping cart solution. nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution that is ASP.NET (MVC) based with a MS SQL 2008 (or higher) backend database. This easy-to-use shopping cart solution is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems, and may be hosted with your current .Net SQL web host or our hosting. It has everything you need to get started in selling physical and digital goods over the internet. nopCommerce can be up-and-running very quickly. nopCommerce is developed to take full advantage of the latest technologies available. With its pluggable architecture, additional functionality and presentation elements can be dynamically added to the [...]

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Add e-Commerce to Your Website

If you sell a product or service, you owe it to your bottom line to consider the potential benefits of an e-commerce interface. And if you already market your goods on the web, you should periodically evaluate the effectiveness of your existing web interface and technologies. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an established online store, we have your solution. At Daruma Marketing & Design, we don’t just install shopping carts—we offer full-service e-commerce solutions to companies of all sizes. Online selling requires the careful integration of dozens of details, and we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to execute each one flawlessly: Intuitive, user-friendly web design Well-designed shopping carts and quick, easy checkout processes Secure, reliable payment processing with merchant account services that perform real-time credit card validation and authorization Instant inventory updates, back order notifications, and integrated shipping options SEO tools and online marketing campaigns to [...]

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